URGENT! God bless you.

Beloved, I just watched the video interview below between LifeSiteNews and Jason Jones of the Vulnerable People Project. I know Jason and can vouch for his apostolate and for every attempt they have made, often at the risk of their lives, to assist the vulnerable all over the world, and especially now amidst the devastation in Gaza. 

It is somewhat frustrating on this end to be able to do so little, if anything, to stop the atrocities and rescue starving and dying families. Of course, we can pray and I pray we do. However, we can also give financially through LifeSite’s LifeFunder which will go directly to the Vulnerable People Project, assuring that every penny will be used for food and aid to the people of Gaza, rescuing as many lives as possible from that nightmare.

It is an unimaginable situation that few of us can picture finding ourselves in. Regardless of how we, individually, understand or see the war in Israel at present and who is responsible for what, I agree with Jason Jones that we must, must I believe, not sit back simply watching the news and letting our brothers and sisters starve and  be killed off. It is rare, as most of you will know, that I put out a plea for this sort of help. But I ask, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for every life, that we do not delay in assisting Jason in his work, regardless of what we are able to give. 

Below is the video between John-Henry Westen and Jason Jones, and here is the LifeFunder link for donations: https://www.lifefunder.com/vppgaza. May the  Lord of Life be pleased, with our help, to raise millions through the efforts of Jason Jones and LifeSite. With one third of children under age two and a fourth of the population reaching starvation, it is impossible to give or to raise too much. I believe this is a great opportunity for our own children, regardless of age, to contribute some of their allowance, for a family to give up dessert for a week, or to sell some items not used during the past year, and send the funds to the VPP through this LifeFunder.

May Our Lord bless your generosity and grant you the blessings of His Sacred Heart for assisting with this crises.

Our love and prayers to each of you on this most blessed Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker,
Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.