On the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions

Dearest Family, upon entering the Catholic Church from my Jewish heritage (by way of Evangelical Protestantism) I knew I had found the fulfillment of Judaism and the full measure of Christianity. I knew the Scriptures. I knew that the Apostles wrote of the destruction that would come upon the Church in the last days (see 2 Peter, Chapter 2 for an apt description of our times). What I was unprepared for was the deeply shameful and grievous situation of our own shepherds not only defecting from the faith, but creating an all-out war against the Faith, teaching utter heresy and leading millions of souls astray.

Where are our good shepherds? Where are the men after God’s own Heart? Why do you remain silent? Where are those who still believe and will dare to live their vocation of saving souls in the midst of these evil days? Why have you abandoned the Christ Who ordained you to follow HIM?

Here below is one who has not abandoned his Faith or his Faithful. May his deep faith, example and love for the Flock of God encourage every priest and bishop in their holy calling to follow the High Priest, even to the point of death.

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.