Mother Miriam on

The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio!

Beloved, so many of you have called, written and prayed for Our Lord to provide another avenue for the live weekday program, “Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam,” it has been a wonderful encouragement to me. Alas, however, it has not been possible for me to respond to all. But our Blessed Lord has! And I am very happy for it.

Not too long after the cancellation of “Heart to Heart” by Relevant Radio, Jim Wright of The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network  in Buffalo, New York, called to see if we might continue “Heart to Heart” via their network. I met Jim and his outstanding team some years ago in Buffalo and am thrilled to become a part of their untiring efforts to broadcast the Truth of the Gospel in a charitable, faithful and uncompromising manner.

The Station of the Cross has ten networks primarily in the northeast portion of the country. However, as with Immaculate Heart Radio and Relevant Radio, you can listen in on live broadcasts via their website or your smart phone via their app, download the podcasts at any time, and again be able in with your questions during the live shows,

The flyer below was put together by Jim and his staff. Feel free to send it on or publish in your parish bulletin. I look forward to starting off the New Year with our first broadcast on Monday, January 3rd!

Until then, beloved, I wish each of you a most blessed and holy Advent and Christmas, in the One who came that we might live,

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.