A Higher Chivalry and a True Vocation

Beloved, I am aware that the previous video I attempted to send was taken down before it reached most of you. I have just now come across the video below which I wish could be shared with the entire world. I truly believe that our time on earth, at least the time in which we can live out our Faith apart from persecution, is growing shorter with each day. What of those who have never heard the Gospel? What of those (including members of our own family and friends) who will die without Christ?

A few figures should haunt us:

  • The world population as of today is close to 8 billion
  • The estimate of those who have never heard the Gospel is 2 billion
  • An estimated 70,000 die each day without Christ

I cannot imagine any Christian responding, “What does that have to do with me?” How is it possible that the grace of God, the free gift of salvation in Christ, has reached us and stopped there? How can we, by our silence or by our unChristian behavior, rob others of what we have so freely received and which is meant for every creature?

We MUST share the Gospel. And to the extent we are hindered, support those who will give their very lives to the end that souls can be saved. 

Here in Beloit, Kansas, our beginning Priory will hold only 13 women. I am asking Our Lord for an army – as many as God would call. We have plenty of land to build a monastery – we need only resources to build and women who will give all to live for Christ, for the restoration of the family and the salvation of millions of souls. 

Please watch the video below and then send it to every young man and woman whom Christ may be calling to the priesthood and consecrated life.

We have little time left – truly, today is the day of salvation. We have only to hear His Voice and heed His Call while it is yet day.

We pray God’s blessings on each of you and your families that your deepest needs may be met in Him.

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.

A Homily for our Ailing Hearts and Times

Beloved, greetings to you at long last! Please forgive the unusual gap in time since our last communication (which was our Christmas newsletter!). Much has taken place since then, including our move to Beloit, Kansas (see our temporary address below). We hope to send out our first newsletter from the land of Dorothy and Toto 😊 by summer’s end. 

In the interim, I wanted to send you the homily below from the National Shrine of Saint Alphonsus Liguori in Baltimore. I believe this dear priest has the right perspective which can indeed bring comfort to our hearts, especially following the Holy Father’s recent motu proprio, Traditiones Custodes.

Please know you are in our prayers and that we cherish yours on this pilgrim’s way to our eternal home.

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.

UPDATE: We are sorry that the video has become unavailable. We are trying to get it directly from the source and will repost it if possible.


 The two weeks of Passiontide begin today, the first week being known as “Passion Week,” and the second week being known as “Holy Week.”

This day–Passion Sunday, also known as Judica Sunday because of the Introit Júdica me (Psalm 42)–memorializes the increasing antipathy against Christ from the Jews who would not accept Him and accused Him of sorcery and of being blasphemous and possessed by a devil. After today and until Easter, the Júdica me and the Glória patris at the Introit and Lavabo are omitted from Masses of the Season. This signifies Christ’s hiding His glory from the world during these next few weeks as He hides Himself away from the Jews until the time has come for Him to enter into Jerusalem (commemorated on Palm Sunday) and to be crucified (commemorated on Good Friday)–after which comes the Resurrection on Easter.

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On Ash Wednesday, all over the world, traditional and Novus Ordo Catholics are going to be praying and fasting.  It is a powerful day to ask for God’s forgiveness and for the salvations of Souls.  All of us Catholics need to pray for unity and purity of Catholic dogma. We also want to repent of individual and collective sins that are destroying the Mystical Body of Christ.

Here are some suggestions of what we can do for Lent.

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Beloved, I highly recommend Regina Magazine to deepen our understanding and reverence for the Faith – the Faith once delivered to the saints!

The article below on Saint Athanasius, taken from Regina Magazine’s recent email mailing, is, to us, especially wonderful and indeed fitting in this time of confusion and apostasy. References are included below so that those who wish may read further on this glorious saint.

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria (born c. 296, died 2 May, 373), bishop and confessor, is a doctor of the Church. Athanasius was the greatest champion of Catholic belief on the subject of the Incarnation that the Church has ever known and in his lifetime earned the characteristic title of “Father of Orthodoxy”, by which he has been distinguished ever since. Athanasius was even known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Athanasius against the World). Athanasius studied under Saint Anthony the hermit, (Athanasius wrote a book titled “Life of Saint Anthony”) then two years later became the understudy of Saint Alexander, the Patriarch of Alexandria.  Athanasius came to prominence during the Council of Nice, where he refuted the Arian heresy.

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The Purification of Mary

The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple

and . . . Candlemas 

Today’s first reading gives us an important insight to understand profoundly the mystery of the Lord’s Presentation in the Temple by Mary and Joseph, in accordance with the canons of Mosaic Law. The text, taken from the Prophet Malachi says, ‘I am sending my messenger to prepare the way before me; and suddenly there will come to the temple the Lord who you seek’ (Mal 3:1). From all the Gospels, we know that it is the Precursor, St John the Baptist who was born 6 months before Jesus, that God sent to prepare His way. Putting these evangelical facts together, we can comprehend the words of the Prophet Malachi. The Lord God promised that He would send a Precursor to prepare His way. Since there is only 6 months between the birth of St John the Baptist and Jesus it is clear that the prophecy meant that suddenly after the Precursor, the Lord Himself will come. So, soon after the Baptist’s birth, God entered His temple. Jesus’ presentation signifies God’s entrance to His temple. God made man entered His temple, presenting Himself to those who were really searching for Him.

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The Season of Septuagesima

Taken in its entirety from the wonderful Regina Magazine: https://www.reginamag.com/the-season-of-septuagesima/

Are you ready for Lent?   

Septuagesima and Lent are both times of penance; Septuagesima being a time of voluntary fasting in preparation for the obligatory Great Fast of Lent.

The theme is the Babylonian exile, the “mortal coil” we must endure as we await the Heavenly Jerusalem. Sobriety and somberness reign liturgically; the Alleluia and Gloria are banished.

“The Sundays of Septugesima are named for their distance away from Easter:

  • The first Sunday of Septuagesima gives its name to the entire season as it is known as “Septuagesima.” “Septuagesima” means “seventy,” and Septuagesima Sunday comes roughly seventy days before Easter. This seventy represents the seventy years of the Babylonian Captivity. It is on this Sunday that the alleluia is “put away,” not to be said again until the Vigil of Easter. 
  • The second Sunday of Septuagesima is known as “Sexagesima, which means “sixty”. Sexagesima Sunday comes roughly sixty days before Easter.
  • The third Sunday of Septuagesima is known as “Quinquagesima,” which means “fifty” and which comes roughly fifty days before Easter.
  • Quadragesima means “forty,” and this is the name of the first Sunday of Lent and the Latin name for the entire season of Lent.

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Starting Tomorrow!

Dear ones, it is not often we send out two messages and videos in a row, but this is quite urgent. Some have doubted the immoral plot to make certain that President Trump is not reelected. The video below from John-Henry Westen of LifeSite News may alleviate some of those doubts. But there is a much more important reason for this post . . .

Do you recall Our Lady’s miraculous victory at the Battle of Lepanto? Here are two excerpts from one account of that Battle that changed history:

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Beloved, we have much to tell you – not the least of which is that we have a new home!! Bishop Gerald Vincke, Bishop of the Diocese of Salina, Kansas, has invited us to build our home in Beloit, Kansas, an almost “fairytale-ish” town with an unbelievably beautiful church and even more beautiful community of souls who deeply love and live the Catholic Faith.

We are currently in temporary quarters. As soon as we have a permanent address, we will send out a newsletter and catch you up to date. In the interim, I wanted to send you (and the whole world, if possible) this video from Michael Voris of Church Militant. Whether or not you are a fan of Church Militant or of Michael Voris, I would urge you to listen to what I think is the most “sane” message of our day. Sanity is seeing reality as it is; I think Michael has given us not only an accurate assessment of where we are now as an American people and, more importantly, as God’s People, but also our clear path forward. I personally believe every word and perspective he lays out in this message is indeed true, the negation of which will result in a much deeper and further disaster than we have already experienced.

Our love to each of you and prayers for a most blessed, healthy, and, yes, prosperous New Year in the One who came that we might have Life, all of Life, and have it to the full.

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B.

P.S.!!! As I was about to send this email message, an opportunity came up for us to see a particular house for sale which would meet our present needs. We    just came from there and wish to buy the house!!! It’s “only” $200,000 😬 . . . but we believe if it is our Lord’s will, He will provide. He has met our every need to date; what Our Lord does not want, we do not want. If the purchase of this property can go through, we will return to Tulsa, OK, right away to move the rest of our things to our new home. We are planning to give our Priory and Guest House in Tulsa to a deaf-blind ministry for men and women, and will not be requiring certain payment from them apart from what they can afford.

These times are so thrilling for us. Beloit, Kansas is almost too good to be true, as is our new potential home. We have met many of the teachers and students in the school and many around town. It seems as if the entire town, Catholic or not, is happy we are here. Blessed be God forever. If any of you are able to assist us with the purchase of our new home at this time, we would be exceedingly grateful of course. You can mail a check to: 466 S. 79th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74112 (which will be forwarded to us in Beloit) or donate online at: https://motherofisraelshope.org/donations/. Please know that your prayers and good wishes are as much a part of our new foundation than any other gift. We cherish your friendship and partnership in this apostolate for the restoration of the family and the salvation of souls!!!

The video follows: Please do watch it. I would be happy for your thoughts. God bless you!