Confidence in the Mercy of God in the Face of our own Helplessness and Unworthiness

Beloved, as I think about the present state of our community in Tulsa – still without (knowledge of) a future home! – I want to tell you that, the more time passes, and with one mysterious “unhappening” after another, I, for one (and I can confidently say, the women with me) are growing more confident in our Lord’s leading and in His utter faithfulness to work all things together for good.

Faith is a gift. The more we trust God, through whatever trials, sufferings, and uncertainties He deems to send our way, the more our confidence in God (not in circumstances) is strengthened. In fact, we feel honored to be so tested in order that we may please His Heart by our trust and love.

Just today, I came across the excerpt below from the book, “The Art of Loving God,” written by our first and very beloved patron, St. Francis de Sales,[1] who, in time, led us to St. Benedict! I do hope you are encouraged and strengthened by the wonderful words of this unique and saintly Doctor of the Church! His excerpt follows . . .

You ask me if a soul sensible of its own misery can go with great confidence to God. I reply that not only can the soul that knows its misery have great confidence in God, but that unless it has such knowledge, the soul cannot have true confidence in Him; for it is this true knowledge and confession of our misery that brings us to God.

All of the great saints–Job, David, and the rest–began every prayer with the confession of their own misery and unworthiness. And so it is a very good thing to acknowledge ourselves to be poor, vile, abject, and unworthy to appear in the presence of God.

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