“The Church Militant:

a forgotten truth”

Beloved, here is a message from a true prince of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s outstanding talk given at the Rome Life Forum in May, contains all a true Catholic, a true soldier of Christ, needs to know – and to be – in these perilous times. The Apostle Paul exhorted the Corinthians to imitate him as he imitated Christ. We have such a shepherd in Bishop Athanasius Schneider whose steadfastness in the face of numerous trials and attacks of the enemy and whose unwavering faithfulness to the teachings of Christ and His Church are perhaps equaled by a few, but I do not think surpassed. I, for one, am grateful for such a courageous, nay fearless, holy bishop in our midst whom we indeed can “imitate as he imitates Christ.”


Bishop Athanasius Schneider (Kazakhstan) speaks on “Church Militant: a forgotten truth” at the Rome Life Forum at the Angelicum, May 17, 2018. His full talk was published by LifeSiteNews who, in union with the Rome Life Forum, organized this conference.