10 Ways to Really Have a

Happy New Year!

Beloved, I came across the article below and wanted to share it with you. It was written in 2014 by Father Peter Carota, a beloved priest of the Diocese of Stockton, California, who went home to his eternal rest in July of 2016. The initial title of Father’s article read:  “10 Ways to Really Have a Happy (Traditional Catholic) New Year.” I pray Father will not mind my omitting the words “Traditional Catholic.” What Father proposes is the only way to have a Happy New Year, whether or not one considers themselves to be a “Traditional” Catholic or a Catholic at all. Here is wisdom from above, which is the only source of true wisdom and means to eternal life.

We wish each of you a most blessed and holy New Year in the One who makes all things new!

Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, O.S.B. and Daughters

1) Become Holy.
Without Holiness there is no Happiness.  Since Catholics and atheists all say “Happy New Year,” we, at least, truly know that the road to happiness is only through a life of holiness and sacrifice. That entails a firm commitment to grow in a deeper union with God. This will require making and taking time to pray and read the Bible. We want to be saints and help others be saints.

2) Head toward Heaven and veer far from Hell.
Have a clear map set out where we want to go this year. The end of the road should be heaven. Everything planned and done this year should have that in mind. Will what I do at church, home, school, playing sports and work get me, and those around me, to heaven?

3) Sweat the Big Things, not the Little Things.
As priests, religious and families, have some great plans to accomplish this new year. Make sure these plans are definite and obtainable. All satisfying lives cost energy and sweating as we work to do great things for God’s Kingdom. Reach for the sky (heaven) and stay well grounded to earth (humility).

4) Try to Always Do God’s Will.
“Not my will, but Thy will be done.” “Let my will be Thy will.”   that is done according to God’s will, no matter how difficult, leads to happiness and fulfillment. Every single tiny act or desire that is not God’s will, will eventually lead to sadness and drama.

5) Think More About God and Others and Less About myself.
Everyone of us knows that we are “Self Centered” (Selfish).  Being self-focused accomplishes nothing and leaves us empty. Therefore we want to be loving and kind people to those around us at church, home, work, in stores and on the road. We need each other, so let’s love each other more this year.Try to forgive and forget the past sins that others have done against us, so that God can forgive us our trespasses.

6) Have True Compassion as God and Mary.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are hearts of love and compassion. We can truly mean “How Are You?” every time and every day we ask someone this. We can attentively listen to others. Most people are full of concerns, fears, problems and doubts with no one willing to listen to them.  We want to constantly keep this in mind no matter where we are or what we are doing. Everyone is carrying a cross. Some are carrying many crosses all by themselves without anyone helping or care. We do not have to fix their problems. We just need to show them the Catholic way out of them. 2000 years of Christianity has great wisdom to share on how to overcome problems. Remind them that sin leads to suffering and drama. Holiness leads to peace and avoids what usually causes all the problems they are going through. Lead these people to Jesus and let Him heal and help them. We also do our part, when we are able to.

7) Be Generous.
No one can out do God in His generosity. Everything around us is a great gift from God: family, children, nature, animals, air and love. God is also giving us eternal life for free. His is so generous. Copying God’s generosity by sharing and giving truly helps one feel happy. We have way more money and things than we really need. It is going to help us if we are generous, not hurt us. God returns a 100% of what is given away with love. We need enough money and things to survive. But we remember that we were born naked and will go out of this world naked. That means that everything we have will be someone else’s sooner or later. “Store up in heaven your treasures where thieves and moths cannot destroy them.” Remember we only take to heaven what we gave away on earth out of love for God and others.

8) Truly Live in Blind Faith and Trust in God.
That means we truly practice what we say we believe in. All of us Catholics believe there is a loving, powerful God who is in charge of our world, our families and our very selves. So we need to put this belief into practice every day by blindly trusting God with our Church, our lives, our money problems and our future. Fear and worry suck all the happiness out of each second of our lives. Faith and trust are the antibiotics that cure the sicknesses of fear and worry.

9) Live a Balanced Life.
We need time to pray, love, communicate, exercise, play, read, work, travel and plan. Keep the “priority law” (for a balanced life), by putting God first, family second, work third and all else fourth. Believe that, with God’s help, there is time for everything that He wills and is worth while. Being lazy is the capital sin of sloth. But overdoing things, like work, is also wrong. Do not take yourself or those around you too seriously. Eat a balanced diet, strong on health foods and very light on sweet things.

10) Be Very Very Cautious About Using Electronic Technology.
Most of us want to be holy traditional Catholics. But most of us have a little interior emptiness and boredom, which we could call loneliness. Often we try to fill that up by connecting to others by various forms of social media, blogs, Catholic dating sites or maybe even evil pornography. Honestly ask yourself how much time did you spend (waste) on the internet, on texting, TV, movies, YouTube, Facebook, sports and hopefully not, but maybe, seeing immoral things last year? We know that technology can do a lot of good, like learning more about God, the saints and Catholic tradition. It can also keep us closely united in the all important fight for truth and tradition. But we also recognize it is a danger that can rob our time and leave us empty handed when we could have used the time way better in prayer, reading a spiritual book, exercising, cleaning or helping the family.

As we enter this holy year, a gift from God, we rest assured that with God’s help we will and can live it happily and productively. It is so very wonderful to be Catholic.­­­