Je mourrai en eux — I will die for them,
Je vivrai en eux — I will live for them.

My father, you are in me and I in you!
That they themselves are also only one thing in us . . .
I sanctify myself for them, So they themselves are also sanctified in truth.

Salutations de France! (Greetings from France!) We send our boundless joy, our hope for all that lies ahead in the One who works all things together for good, and our ceaseless prayers for you this Blessed Advent and Christmas.


Let us remember that the Divine Child, Whom we truly adore in the setting of the manger at Christmas, came to die — in order that we might live. It is not the manger that gives us hope; it is the Cross. The hope of the manger is that the One who lies there in swaddling cloths will one day give His life for us.


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